Colonial Penn: Live Life Insured for Just $9.95 a Month!

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colonial penn life insurance $9.95 per month

Are you looking for an affordable way to protect your family and financial security? Colonial Penn offers peace of mind with life insurance coverage starting at just $9.95 a month. This article will explain the various benefits of this unique policy, including its affordability, coverage options, and more. With an easy application process, you can be sure you are getting quality life insurance without breaking the bank. Please keep reading to find out how Colonial Penn can help make securing your financial future a breeze. Introduction to Colonial Penn Life Insurance

Benefits of Having a Colonial Penn Policy

Are you looking for an affordable way to secure your future? You can look up to Colonial Penn. For just $9.95 per month, the company offers life insurance coverage and peace of mind. With a Colonial Penn policy, you can rest easy knowing that you have taken steps to help protect yourself and your family in case of an unexpected tragedy.

Having a Colonial Penn policy not only gives you financial security in the event of death or injury but also provides other valuable benefits. For example, suppose you are diagnosed with a chronic condition while covered by the policy, such as cancer or heart disease. In that case, your medical bills can be covered up to a certain amount depending on the terms of your coverage plan. Some plans offer additional benefits such as emergency transportation services and funeral expenses for those who pass away while under the policy’s protection.

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Cost-Effective Coverage from Colonial Penn

Many individuals may need to realize the importance of having life insurance and the security it can provide for those they love. Colonial Penn’s term life insurance coverage allows customers to live life insured for just $9.95 a month! Their cost-effective coverage plans are designed to fit nearly any budget, giving people peace of mind in knowing their family will be taken care of financially in case something happens. Plus, all applications are accepted regardless of age or health – no medical exams or lab tests are required! With so many benefits, Colonial Penn is an ideal choice for anyone looking for affordable protection against financial burdens that could come up unexpectedly. This company has been providing quality service since 1968 and offers reliable coverage options today. Customers can easily sign up online and start their term life insurance plans immediately!

Understanding the $9.95/Month Plan

A life insurance plan has never been more affordable than the Colonial Penn $9.95 Month Plan. This incredible bargain allows anyone with a valid U.S. driver’s license and social security number, ages 18-75, to purchase life insurance coverage at an extremely low monthly rate. I would like you to know how this plan works before signing up.

For just $9.95 a month, applicants can get accidental death and whole-life coverage from Colonial Penn in one package deal – an unbeatable price that puts other plans to shame! The policy covers up to $50,000 of death benefit protection throughout your lifetime – a perfect fit for those who don’t need full coverage but still want some peace of mind regarding their family’s financial future should something happen to them unexpectedly.

Uncovering Additional Savings with Colonial Penn

Colonial Penn is a life insurance company that provides coverage for an affordable price. For just $9.95 per month, policyholders can purchase a whole life insurance policy with no medical exam required. With this plan, customers can rest assured that their beneficiaries will receive financial benefits in the event of their death.

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But there are additional ways to save money with Colonial Penn beyond the already low monthly premiums. Policyholders can take advantage of discounts when they purchase multiple policies or add riders to their existing plans. The company also offers free term life insurance policies to those aged 85 and under who meet certain eligibility criteria. Furthermore, Colonial Penn offers rewards programs and other perks for its members to maximize their savings even further.

How much life insurance coverage do you get for $9.95?

The short answer is not much.

$9.95 Plan Product Details
Policy Type Whole Life Insurance
Policy Duration Lifetime
Fixed Premiums Yes
Underwriting Class Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
Health Questions No
Medical Exam No
2-Year Waiting Period Yes
States Available All States
New Applicant Age Range 50-85
(50-75 in New York)
Coverage Options 1-15 Units
Cost $9.95 Per Unit
(regardless of age or gender)


The table below illustrates exactly how much coverage a single unit provides based on age and gender.

AGE 1 Male Unit ($9.95) 1 Female Unit ($9.95)
50 $1,669 in coverage $2,000 in coverage
51 $1,620 in coverage $1,942 in coverage
52 $1,565 in coverage $1,890 in coverage
53 $1,515 in coverage $1,845 in coverage
54 $1,460 in coverage $1,802 in coverage
55 $1,420 in coverage $1,761 in coverage
56 $1,370 in coverage $1,719 in coverage
57 $1,313 in coverage $1,669 in coverage
58 $1,258 in coverage $1,620 in coverage
59 $1,200 in coverage $1,565 in coverage
60 $1,167 in coverage $1,515 in coverage
61 $1,112 in coverage $1,460 in coverage
62 $1,057 in coverage $1,420 in coverage
63 $1,000 in coverage $1,370 in coverage
64 $949 in coverage $1,313 in coverage
65 $896 in coverage $1,258 in coverage
66 $846 in coverage $1,200 in coverage
67 $802 in coverage $1,167 in coverage
68 $762 in coverage $1,112 in coverage
69 $724 in coverage $1,057 in coverage
70 $689 in coverage $1,000 in coverage
71 $657 in coverage $949 in coverage
72 $627 in coverage $896 in coverage
73 $608 in coverage $846 in coverage
74 $578 in coverage $802 in coverage
75 $549 in coverage $762 in coverage
76 $521 in coverage $724 in coverage
77 $493 in coverage $689 in coverage
78 $468 in coverage $657 in coverage
79 $441 in coverage $627 in coverage
80 $426 in coverage $608 in coverage
81 $424 in coverage $578 in coverage
82 $423 in coverage $549 in coverage
83 $421 in coverage $521 in coverage
84 $420 in coverage $493 in coverage
85 $418 in coverage $468 in coverage
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Features Guaranteed Acceptance
Whole Life ($9.95/Unit)
Whole Life
With Health Questions
New Applicant
Age Range
50-85 40-75
Coverage Options 1-15 Units $10,000 – $50,000
Has Health Questions No Yes
2-Year Waiting Period Yes No
Medical Exam Required No No

Making the Most of Your Colonial Penn Policy

Are you looking for an affordable life insurance policy that fits your budget? Colonial Penn offers a straightforward, affordable life insurance policy with coverage ranging from $9.95 to $20 per month. With this no-nonsense life insurance policy, you can rest assured knowing that you and your family are protected and will be taken care of in the event of an unexpected tragedy.

Before signing up for a Colonial Penn plan, you must review all the terms and conditions carefully to understand exactly what kind of coverage you’re getting. Take time to consider exactly how much coverage would be appropriate for your situation – if necessary, speak with a licensed financial advisor or tax consultant to help determine which plans best meet your needs.

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