Linkin Park’s New Song ‘Lost’: What Does It Mean?

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linkin park new song lost

Linkin Park, the iconic American rock band, recently released a new single titled ‘Lost.’ The song has been met with much anticipation by fans of the band who are eagerly awaiting their next album. ‘Lost’ is an emotionally charged track that dives into deep questions about life and death. With its haunting melody and thoughtful lyrics, the song’s deeper meaning is not immediately obvious to listeners.

Linkin Park have released a previously unheard track titled “Lost,” which features the late Chester Bennington.

Linkin Park have released a previously unheard track titled “Lost,” featuring the late Chester Bennington. The song is highly emotional and serves as a reminder of the loss of the band’s frontman, who committed suicide in 2017. Fans have already speculated what this new song might mean and are now wondering if it is hinting at something more than just being a tribute to Bennington.

The lyrics to “Lost” paint an image of pain and struggle, which could hint to Bennington’s personal struggles with mental health issues before his death. It also speaks about redemption, which could be interpreted by many listeners as a message from beyond the grave from Bennington himself. It’s clear that this is going to be an incredibly powerful song for Linkin Park fans everywhere and will no doubt leave them with plenty to think about once they listen to it.

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The singer died by suicide on July 20, 2017, at the age of 41. Bennington was the band’s frontman, which also comprises of members Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon, Joe Hahn and Dave “Phoenix” Farrell.

On July 20, 2017, the world was rocked by the news that Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington had died by suicide at the age of 41. Bennington joined forces with Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson in 1996 to form Linkin Park – a band that would go on to become one of the most successful rock bands of all time.

The shock of Bennington’s death is still felt today, and it has inspired his fellow bandmates to release their latest single ‘Lost’ as a tribute to him. The song is filled with sorrowful lyrics that seem to express an inner struggle between hope and despair – much like what people who suffer from depression often feel. The chorus “I don’t know why I’m scared / I can’t stand the person inside me” reflects this sentiment perfectly.

The rock band confirmed their plans to share the song with fans on Monday, February 6 by posting a teaser clip via Twitter.

Here is everything that fans need to know about “Lost” and its release.

“Lost” will feature on Linkin Park’s 20th anniversary edition of Meteora, and the track was released on Friday, February 10.

Linkin Park is celebrating their 20th anniversary in a special way. The rock band released a new song, ‘Lost’, on Friday, February 10, as part of the 20th anniversary edition of their 2003 album Meteora. Fans of Linkin Park have been eagerly awaiting the release of this single and are eager to find out what it means.

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The surprise track was first teased by the band on their social media channels before it’s official release date. It features Chester Bennington singing about trying to make sense out of life and coming up short. With its deep and emotional lyrics, fans can’t help but draw parallels to Bennington’s own struggles with addiction and depression that ended in his tragic death in 2017. ‘Lost’ is sure to be an anthem for those dealing with similar battles today.

The song was previously unreleased and was originally intended to be featured on the band’s 2003 album Meteora.

In a statement shared on Twitter, band member Shinoda said: “Finding ‘Lost’ was like finding a favorite photo you had forgotten you’d taken, like it was waiting for the right moment to reveal itself.”

An anime music video has been made for the track, which was directed by Maciej Kuciara and pplpleasr, and the video included the late Bennington who was animated alongside his bandmates.

Linkin Park’s 20th anniversary edition of Meteora will be released on April 7, with the band releasing the album and special boxsets for fans, as well as new merchandise.

Following the death of vocalist Chester Bennington in 2017, Linkin Park went on an indefinite hiatus. The band had last performed together in July of that same year at a special event dedicated to his memory. During their performance, they debuted a new song titled ‘Lost’, which was described by some as being deeply personal and even cathartic. As Linkin Park’s first single since Bennington’s passing, ‘Lost’ was met with both anticipation and trepidation from fans.

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