Taylor Lewan’s Cease-and-Desist Letter: What to Know

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taylor lewan cease and desist

The NFL star’s podcast and TV show are lobbying for a for sale T-shirt that has not been authorized by Taylor Lewan and the Michigan Wolverines. The NCAA subsequently letters the university asking them to desist from such promotions and sales.

Titans offensive tackle and three-time Pro Bowler, a co-host of Barstool Sports-owned Bussin With The Boys podcast, posted a criticism of the situation Tuesday on his Twitter account, posted from Phoenix, Arizona, the site of the year ‘s Super Bowl.

One battle ends and one battle begins type shel-(hebrew), Lewan said in a tweet that was self-recorded, one minute, and 22 seconds. Did I sound a little frustrated with the University of Michigan? I would be lying if I said I wasn’t.

Lewan said the letter was about sport jersey that read Michigan’s The Boys in yellow and blue writing and a cartoon wolverine, a trademark owned by the University of Michigan, with BWTB printed on the cap. The shirt, which retailed for $32.00, is no longer available for purchase on the Barstool Sports website.

“It hurts when your alma mater gives you a C & D on the T-shirts that you’re wearing,” Lewan, a two-time All-American lineman at Michigan, continued. “That sh-(expletive) just breaks my heart. We put ourselves out there, we love these guys, (and) we like to think they love us back.

“But it just seems like a hassle sometimes.”

Lewan sits on the board of directors for Michigan-Nebraska football’s yearly football game, known informally as the Bussin Bowl. She and Will Compton have invited various players and coaches to take part in podcast episodes and discussions of their respective teams; those episodes have been posted in the campus theater, home of Schembechler Hall. In addition to acting as executive producers of the game, the two have created and hosted the Super Bowl of Michigan-Nebraska, a custom trophy and all.Meanwhile, Lewan says Nebraska has been receptive to a licensing deal — “they want to put us in their stores.”

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“And I don’t think it’s Harbaugh,” Lewan clarified in the video. “I think it’s the people at the University of Michigan; not the football side. Hopefully we can work something out because, boys, I’ll be honest: I’m hurt. I’m hurt and I wish there was something we could just do.”

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